A message from Anonymous
6, 8, 9, 15,17 :-D

6. Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t, although I think I’ve seen some when I was a kid.

8. Favorite book?

Don’t Blink by James Patterson :-) It’s crime fiction, the best kind.

9. Favorite song?

That’s hard, so I’ll just mention a song that means so much to me at the moment: Shake It Out - Florence & The Machine. :-)

15. Ever did drugs?

To be quite honest, I think everyone has had a phase.

17. Do you have pets? Tell me about them!

I never had a pet of my own, but I used to co-own a turtle with my brother. He would run after us like a dog and make funny sounds while going up on them rocks; summer 2010 was definitely the best summer of my life.


A quick summation of the difference between Marvel and DC movies.

A message from Anonymous
24, 35, 36 :-) :-)

24. Tell me about your crush.

He’s a pleasant sight, and he dresses like he’s from the sandboarding community of the West Coast. :-) I don’t really mind that he doesn’t know me, because I love to love him from afar. 

35. 10 facts about yourself.

- I write. I write a lot.

- When I can’t write, I play the ukulele and read on crime fiction.

- I click on all sorts of links, which is what really sparked my interest in “everyday politics”, a term my friend coined.

- My first years in college can be identified with my colorful fashion, but just recently I’ve just been getting blacks, whites, and grays from the racks.

- I’ve always dreamed of being a beauty queen, but my short legs would never allow that dream to pan out.

- I used to be allergic to a lot of good stuff (i.e. chicken and liquor) but I decided to keep on taking them in my temple and now I’m allergy-free (except for dust).

- I’d like to one day look good in spandex.

- I’m actually a hopeless romantic, but I don’t believe in marriage.

- That being said, I love wedding proposals. Those events are better than kiddie parties. :-)

- And, I am literally obsessed with peanut butter. :-)

36. 3 things you like about yourself.

- I try my best to see the goodness in anything and everything.

- I know what I want and I strive hard to get what I want.

- I’ve recently decided to just express and explain my bad feelings through writing instead of acting on them. :-)

What a handful. :-)